My big school girl!


Katie had her first school visit today Smile she loved it! There were several other kids on their first visit too which was good. they all start at the beginning of next year like Katie which is fantastic, one wee boy even has the same birthday as Katie. She got to meet her teacher, Miss G, who is lovely, and spend time in the classroom with kids that started earlier this year, some of whom will be in her class next year. She was a wee bit shy to begin with but that didn’t last. She was happy chatting away with the 2 teachers who were there but shy with the other kids, none of whom go to her preschool. She is always a lot more at ease with adults, I suppose because she has been brought up in a house full of adults.

all in all it was a very successful visit. I was more worried than her, Katie was excited and a little nervous but she did so well, I am so proud of her. Next visit next Thursday and this one she will be there without me for most of it, time to get her used to being a school girl. Sad smile not sure I like that idea lol.

anyways I am one very tired mother of an almost school girl….its been a full on day…after our school visit Katie and I had to go into town to the warehouse, that took forever, it was packed and crazy!!! By the time we got home we were both hot, tired and grumpy lol…and my feet were so sore I couldn’t even put them on the ground…they aren’t much better now…and I have a killer headache as well…seem to be getting a lot of those lately, must be time to get my eyes checked again.

I watched a little of the Pike River service today, it just broke my heart, I couldn’t watch it all…I was in tears within 5 minutes. It was so touching. I cant help thinking, as horrible as it is to lose these 29 men, our family is so lucky that we still have my brother. He was offered a job at Pike River when it opened and would have been on the back shift with those guys had he taken the job. I feel for the families of those men, all the families of miners must be feeling the same tonight, there but for the grace of god goes anyone of us, mourning the men we love. Of the 29, one of the young guys went to school with my son, another was the son of an old boyfriend, a single parent like me, he loved his boys more than anything, I hate to think the agony he is going through right now. Another, Peter O’Neal, his parents lived just up the road from me. His mother and brother have both been interviewed on TV, his Mum is just such a lovely lady. So to me, these aren’t just names, they are people I knew, people that worked beside my brother at Strongman and even in Aussie, guys that drunk at my parents pub…local boys full of life, full of true coastie spirit. and they will never be forgotten.

good night all


V xxx.


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