I am still here….somewhere!!!

I haven’t posted for a week or so, been a bit slack really so thought it was time I did a bit of an update. I just got back from a meeting at the school for parents of soon to be new entrants…how scary is that? She has her first school visit on Thursday morning.

When I started this blog way back in 2006 Katie was 7 months old and now…she’s off to school…OMG where did that go? It was good to meet other parents with littlies starting school at the same time, I talked to a few of the Mum’s who’s wee ones start at the beginning of next year and they all have school visits on Thursday so Katie will get a chance to met the other kids since none of them go to her preschool.

and in other news….I have decided to do a December Daily journal. I have got as far as doing the front cover today…I only decided to do it yesterday lol…trust me to leave it til the last minute…so watch this space to pictures in the next few days.

anyway I am tired…I keep losing track of what I want to type…its been one of those days…busy and hot….very hot!!! If this is what its like in November I hate to think what February is going to be like

nite nite


V xxx


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