Pike River day 4

My heart breaks for all those families. It must be so hard waiting and waiting. Not knowing must be the hardest part.

We know a number of the guys, all the miners in the area were locals when my parents owned the Rapahoe hotel and seeing the list today really brought it home. One is the son of a good family friend, another lived across the road from my parents when they lived down there. So many familiar names, if we don’t know them personally we know some of their families or friends.

I just thank god my brother didn’t take the job he was offered there last year otherwise he would be down there too.

All we can do at the moment is hope and wait. Keep them in our thoughts and be happy in the knowledge that those implementing the rescue know what they are doing. I really feel for Gary Knowles and Peter Whittall, they are doing a fantastic job and under so much pressure and honestly the media isn’t helping. I watched the media conference this morning and some of the stupid questions they asked, honestly they need to do their homework and at least try and sound halfway informed on what is going on. They are just making themselves look stupid. and they need to back off the families, the last thing they need is a camera shoved in their face

anyway that’s my rant…off to feed my hungry girl


V xxx


One thought on “Pike River day 4

  1. Brenda says:

    I have to agree with you Vicky, I have been watching the news updates when I can. What an amazing job Peter and Gary are doing in facing the media, not once do they hesitate in answering what is put to them..
    Have been busy as today so off to get an update on what is happening.

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