Super fantastic bargain!!!

Warning…you will want to be rushing to Spotlight once you’ve read this blog.

This week I got the best bargain I have got in ages…I was in my local Spotlight on Tuesday, picking up the bits I needed for the Christmas challenge at scrapbox when I noticed under the bargain table some of these


lurking there. At first I didnt take much notice because I thought they would still be expensive. then curiosity got the better of me and I priced one and it scanned up at $40, I thought it was a mistake so put it back and walked away. But of course a bargain like that plays on your mind so on Thursday I went back, this time with my $10 vip discount coupon in hand. Not only did they have the Bind It All at $40 but they had the O-rings at super super cheap prices too. So I gave in to temption and brought it, along with 3 different sizes of O-rings which were only $3 and $4 a pack. the whole lot cost $41 with the discount coupon!!! the Bind it All alone is $150 at Scrapbook Outlet and thats the cheapest I have seen it anywhere until now. I have wanted one for ages but the price has always put me off. So now I have this fab piece of machinery sitting on my desk waiting for me to create mini books and all sorts til my wee hearts content lol.

So off you go…out the door to your local Spotlight and grab a super bargain. Now I want a Zutter Dream Cuts lol…trust me!!!!

happy bargain hunting everyone….I am off to clean house…Mum and Dad are due back tomorrow, home from whitebaiting in Haast for 3 months. Back to civilisation and indoor plumbing lol.  I best get the house neat and tidy before they arrive. I’m still on crutches after doing my archilles a few weeks ago so have let a lot of things slide lately. so time to catch up on washing and vacuuming. Have a good weekend all.


V xxx


One thought on “Super fantastic bargain!!!

  1. Katie says:

    Thanks for the tip. I already have a Bind It All (picked it up 2nd hand on Trade Me a while back) but always on the look out for cheap binding wires.
    Happy Binding 🙂

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