I am so slack

I know,…its been a while. I have no really excuse except nothing much has been happening. well apart from the normal fun and games with the ol RA…a sprained Achilles tendon and aching hands and wrists and generally feeling like shyt. but i am getting over it now…just a bit of trouble with my Achilles but that’s kind of to be expected. takes a few weeks to recover from that sort of thing. of course I could have gone to physio like i was suppose to but i went once and decided it was a waste of time and money.

I have done a little creating. I should have done so much more but I just lost my mojo for a while. I did this layout for the Scrapbox  fortnightly challenge. I love the sketch that Fiona posted.

double-Vicky Mullen

Now I need to start working on Scrapbox’s christmas challenge. I got a few bits from Spotlight today.  I also got stuff for Katie’s birthday party and have started working her treat boxes. she wants purple of course. I brought takeaway boxes to use for treat boxes.

anyway time to cook dinner


V xxx


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