A little swearing and a lot of rest

What a great long weekend I had….first off…a flare that hit my ribs and back like someone had taken a sledge hammer to them. Took all weekend on the couch but they came right and then Tuesday night I was off to get the mail down our very very steep gravel driveway and slipped in a rut (the rain has washed a lot of the gravel away, waiting for summer to get it fixed) and sprained my Achilles tendon. Honestly!!!! I have two weeks to go until Mum and Dad get home…I had all these plans of spring cleaning before they arrived and now I am stuck on the couch with my stupid foot on a pillow.

I am sooooo bored….I have physio tomorrow…hopefully the physio will strap it up and then I will be able to move around without so much pain. I have to use my walking stick at the moment and I hate using that…its tiring and annoying

for all this though I am quiet smug with myself, I am a over half way through my Christmas shopping and Have got nearly all of Katie’s birthday presents. I am so pleased. Last week I went into Toyworld and put this wee darlin on lay-by393238-0 …Katie has been begging for one for months. For those without little girls this is a Moxie Girls Art-titude Rc Vehicle, funky remote control cars for girls. I even got a art-titude doll to go with it. It takes two Moxie Girlz dolls and she already has one from last Christmas. Its perfect for her, she loves Moxie girlz and loves to colour in so this is the best of both worlds. She can colour the car and doll clothes in, then rub it off and start again. And since I am so incredible clever….I will get some rechargeable batteries to go with it. After living through the boys and an endless run of RC’s eating through batteries I know what to expect lol.

Of course that’s for Christmas and I so cant wait to see her face when she opens it. Thats what I love most about Christmas…its watching the wee faces light up when they open their presents. Its what its all about.

So all thats left to get for Katie is a few little bits and bobs. I have Lily’s Christmas present…So I just have about half a dozen left to get….like I said…I am ahead this year! 8 weeks til the big day and I am organised….mostly

Now if I could just say the same for Katie’s birthday party. She wants to go to Chipmunks but everyone does that…I thought a party in the park would be better. In the sunshine and fresh air. I will need to get moving on that one…only got 6 weeks…lol

well I am going to order dinner….takeaways tonight…a rare treat….no way I am going to cook.

have a good night


V xxx


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