We went wandering

Katie and I went wandering today. I needed to go to the Warehouse but couldn’t face a trip into Nelson, its so busy during the school holidays, so we went to Motueka instead. Its the same distance from here and a much nicer drive. So we went way of Moutere which is beautiful this time of year, everything is blossoming and green and so pretty. then into Warehouse, took much longer than I planned, Katie just had to look at all the toys, of course. They didn’t have the shorts I wanted to get her but never mind. then Maccers, of course…Katie’s favourite, she made some new friends in the playground. Then we came back via the coastal highway and stopped at Ruby Bay. We IMG_3369_edited-1managed to get a few photos and hunt a few shells but then it started raining. I took this picture of her trying to free Sponge Bob lol, there was a lot of dry sponge on the beach and I told her it was bits of Sponge Bob so she had to try and free him so he could breath lol. the mind of a four year old…don’t you just love the imagination? Btw it wasn’t that grey, I photoshopped it, just to play.

It was nice just to get out of the house for a few hours, we seem to have been house bound with all this rain, and all the colds and tummy bugs and what have. And it was lovely while the sun was shining, I love driving.

I promised Katie a trip to Rabbit Island when it gets warmer, She was not impressed with all the stones at Ruby Bay, no where to make sand castles lol.

Katie is not to well really, she’s been coughing for the last two days, and now she has a running nose. Once we got home she was happy to sit down and play with the Baby in Your Pocket and Party Animal that we picked up at the Warehouse. I gave her an early bath and dinner and she was in bed by 6.30pm, asleep by 7pm. I think the day and the cold have worn her out.

So I have had a very peaceful evening, watching Doctor Who and now Doctor Who Confidential. I don’t normally get that, Katie normally watches the Saturday Night Movie on Playhouse Disney.

anyway I am off to have a bit more of a play in photoshop with these photos. Its my Dad’s birthday today, of course they are in Haast, out of touch, so I cant call him, so I will send him a copy of these photos instead. He misses Katie so much, almost as much as she misses him. She keeps asking me if its summer yet because she knows Gandad, as she calls him, and Nan come home in summer.

anyways enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Vicky xxx


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