Silhouette Studio

I downloaded Silhouette Studio in the weekend and have been playing with it a bit today, its pretty good. I had a bit of fun trying to get all my files into it, had to download the lot again (6000+ files) took hours but now I have them all in neat folders all sorted and easy to find. And I have started on the non Silhouette store gsd files I have downloaded from various places around the net. There are more and more good blogs and sites popping up with some great files to be had for free or cheap as chips so I may just cancel my SS subscription soon…I have so many files and don’t use most of them. Sometimes I cut some just for the hell of it lol…then have all these die cuts all over the place and nothing planned for them.

rock starI did give my Silhouette a work out today though, doing this layout for Scrappin Patch’s Word Wednesday which for some reason I thought ended today but its not til next Wednesday, I am having a duh sorta day lol (so duh I actually put the wrong year on the layout, its suppose to be 2005, which I have now changed)

I love this photo, though some how I don’t think Steve would appreciate it much lol. He was only 13 when it was taken…seems so long ago now, different time and a different world. He was in Marlaina Curtis Stage School where I was on the parent committee and was one of the chief event organisers. He loved his time there and really blossomed, it was sad to hear it had closed earlier this year due to Marlaina’s failing health. She’s such a lovely lady and a good friend.

The school preformed every year at the Multi Ethnic Festival in New Plymouth and that year Steve and two other boys sung Gimme the Light by Sean Paul, while the girls of the school danced around them. Steve was the definite leader of the group and had a fantastic voice, still has though these days he doesn’t sing if anyone is watching. He had a number of professional lessons before joining Stage School and gained so much confidence while attending the school which was on a Saturday. He only did one year, the following year we moved to Nelson.

It often seems strange to me that both my sons have fantastic voices, both sung as preteens, Jodi was in choir at school and Steve had stage school and plays guitar, but I am completely musically challenged. Couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket lol. Must come from their fathers side or from my Mum who use to sing in choir when she was young too. Katie I think takes after me, she loves to sing but so far…cant carry a note. But so long as she enjoys it…who cares.

right now….time for a bit of a tidy up in this messy scrap room of mine and then a cuppa and bed…..I am so tired…still recovering from the bug Katie so nicely shared with me in the weekend….She was sick on friday night…vomiting and diaorea which came out of no where….then came right by Saturday afternoon and I came down with it that night…I know we teach them to share but really…do they have to share everything??

have a good night one and all


V xxx



One thought on “Silhouette Studio

  1. Danielle says:

    Seems like a great software.. my only issue is the store! I love all the designs and want them all but cant afford to buy them all LOL! So for now my 10 will have to do 😀

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