Some links to share

Happy Monday everyone, how did your weekend go?

mine was, as usual, pretty quiet. Its been so wet and miserable lately that I haven’t really felt like doing anything. Yesterday morning I took Mum to the airport, she’s gone down to Queenstown to look after my nephews while my sister and her hubby are in Aussie this week. Then she’s going over to Haast to join Dad for the rest of the whitebait season, another 2 months. So it is a little strange around here, Katie is back at preschool, she’s over the croup, still has a little cough though. The house is eerily silent, no tv blasting, no Mum fussing around, no Katie jumping around. Just Me and the cat, and even she has wandered off somewhere…talk about feeling deserted lol.

anyway I thought I would share a few of the links I have been visiting a lot lately. The first is for all those who like designer gear but not designer prices. I found this site a while ago its called NZ Sale and if you join up by clicking on the link then you help me earn a voucher lol…they have daily specials of all sorts of things, mainly clothes but other things as well. Lots of yummy designer goodies for anything up to 95% off retail. So go, check it out.

another link I have been popping into is one of my favourite blogs and that’s Nichol Magouirk’s blog, she’s just finishing up a week of giveaways and tutorials. I love her tutorials, so easy to follow and inspiring. She posted one today using Copic Markers and Whiff of Joy stamps…and I sooo want both. anyway go check it out yourself, worth the hop.

Must be cuppa time, its briefly stopped raining but cant see it lasting…time for a cuppa and a game of Frontier land on facebook lol…how sad is that? If you play…I’m always on the look out for neighbours lol.

enjoy the rest of your day


V xxx


2 thoughts on “Some links to share

  1. Brenda says:

    Hi Vicky,
    My hubby is down south westland atm too on the Turnbull River. The weather has been awful sea so rough the poor little critters will be having trouble getting to the calm of the rivers. Which one your Dad fishing On?

  2. Vicky says:

    they have fished the Waiatoto for years. But so far this season has been pretty bad, to much rain and thats saying something considering where they are lol. It is lovely down there, a beautiful part of the country even if you dont whitebait.

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