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I am on Kiwi Mummy Blogs. I was invited and now am part of a fantastic collection of blogging Kiwi Mum’s. Its a great site to explore when you have some spare time, its full of links to lots of blogs but Mums from all walks of life doing all sorts of things.

I haven’t explored half the blogs there yet but working on it, I have a bit of time today since I am couched up with a cold that Katie so nicely shared with me. I had to take her to the doctor on Monday and she’s got a bit of croup and has been coughing and wheezy since Saturday. Just when I finally get her settled back into preschool last week she’s had to have this week at home. She’s been very tired all week, even going so far as to being asleep by 7.30pm most nights, though the other day she fell asleep on the lazy boy in the afternoon and it was after 10pm before she went to sleep that night…making for one tired girl and mummy the next day.

IMG_3313 I squeezed in a bit of scrapbooking yesterday, thanks to Mum looking after Katie, not a hard job since she was sitting watching tv and drawing all afternoon. I did a layout for the recipe challenge that Annelie set at Scrappin Patch, I cheated a bit and used the sketch from this fortnights challenge from Scrapbox, I was going to use this layout for both challenges then decided I couldn’t really do that so I will do another from Scrapbox at some stage of it, maybe this afternoon if I feel up to it. Its so cold today that the idea of sitting in my scraproom with my heater on next to my knees is kind of appealing lol.

But right now, I am reading a Doctor Who novel on the e-book reader software I downloaded yesterday. I really want an e-reader but that’s on my wish list.

enjoy the rest of your day everyone


V xxx


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