Little Miss Busy

IMG_3307Ohhh my darling, busy girl…she’s so beautiful…and so very tiring lol…one moment she is full on and talking a mile a minute, the next she is sitting like this ..being a total angel. Don’t worry…I know it wont last but I am enjoying it while I can…she loves colouring in and it can keep her busy for hours.


So have you seen these Bitty Button dolls? Katie and I were in the Warehouse yesterday and she saw them and fell in love. She never has been much of a dolly girl, she likes them but doesn’t go crazy for them but she saw these ones and her eyes lit up and told me they were going on her Santa list lol…she’s been adding to that list a lot lately but I think these dolls have just reached the top of the list.. I think their cute too…so bright and colourful. Maybe Santa might like to get her one, I will have a wee talk to him 🙂

Right now I am just enjoying the fact I don’t have to go anywhere today, yesterday was full on…I had to take Katie to preschool, then hang around Richmond for an hour and a half for a WINZ appointment, so went to the library. Then I spent half an hour at WINZ discussing my future…My case manager was enthusiastic about my idea of studying to become a Librarian  which is great. She also suggested I apply for a job with WINZ…never really thought of that before. Might be an idea. After that I had to rush home to pick up Mum and take her into the hospital for some tests, she had to be there for a few hours so after getting her settled I made a quick side trip to spotlight for a few bits and then back to Richmond to pick up Katie and back into town to fill in the hour before picking up Mum so off to the Warehouse. Then picked up Mum just after 4pm, back home to feed the cows, cook tea, normal night routine and a very tired 4 year old after her first 2 full days of preschool. and then, I couldn’t sleep…I cant believe it…I was so tired and it took me hours to get to sleep

So today, I am sore…tired and a little grumpy. But at least I don’t have to rush around today.

anyway I am also hungry…so I am off to have some lunch.

have a great day


V xxx


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