I have a new hero

After watching all the news of the dreadful weekend this weekend I have a new hero, Bob Parker. Watching him working so tirelessly organising and supporting the broken city of Christchurch while at the same time dealing with the media and worrying about his own family. He has really stepped up and showed what a Mayor should be.

I really feel for all the Cantabrians at the moment. I used to live in Christchurch many years ago and spent my teen years in both South and North Canterbury, its one of my most favourite regions and I have a lot of friends around various parts of Canterbury. I have heard from most of them but there are a couple that I cant get hold of and that worries me.

My best friend Sandee lives in Cashmere and said it was terrifying but her wee grandson slept right through it lol. He was more upset in the morning when he couldn’t watch TV. They were without power or water for a few hours but besides that pretty much unaffected. She says its the aftershocks that are getting to her. I told her ages ago she should more to Nelson lol. We only got a bit of a shake up here. Enough to wake me up and get a filthy look from the cat because apparently it was my fault the room was moving a bit.

I keep dreaming of earthquakes now, I suppose its going to play on everyone’s minds for a while. Its just to scary to think about.

so on other subjects, Katie started full days at preschool today, she’s going 9 till 3 three days a week from now on to prepare her for school. Its strange because normally I would have picked her up by now. The house feels empty. Not sure what to do with myself really. I cant believe its only a matter of a few months before she starts school, where has the time gone? I don’t want her to be so grown up yet!!! I have already started looking for “just the right” backpack and pencil case for her lol…Any ideas? anyone know any good websites to go to for kids backpacks? Nelson is so limited for those sorts of things. I might get Steve to look around over in Aussie for something really funky for her.

IMG_3257_edited-1Besides that…I have been scrapbooking (of course) I did the layout for the final week of the Scrappin Patch stars in their eyes comp. It was really hard this week, we had to do Irene Tan and she is so amazingly talented, so much detail. I found it really hard but lots of fun. I ended up with ink all over my hands lol and a desk that’s such a mess its going to take me a week to get it clean. But I did finally get to use some of the Tim Holtz Mask sheets I brought months ago. It cuts really well with the Silhouette and looks great on the page. I cant show you that page until after the reveal on Wednesday but this is last weeks one which was Ronda Palazzari, I love her style.

This is the final week of Stars in their Eyes, I had to miss two weeks because of Katie recovering from her surgery and then me getting sick but I’ve really enjoyed it. Its always fun to try new styles. And I’ve picked up a few new techniques along the way and that’s what its all about right?

I’ve been on a bit of a Twilight kick at the moment again, I cant wait till Eclipse comes out on video. I’ll be adding that one to my collection. I have both Twilight and New Moon and all the books…sad but true. I am a Twilight fan. I cant say I go as far as the Team Edward/ Team Jacob thing….I prefer Alice out of all of them, she’s so cool!!! followed but Emmett and Jasper. I think Bella is a bit wimpy in New Moon. I feel like slapping her lol…she’s not as bad in the books. I just love the wolves….their so big and fluffy…like gigantic puppies!!! lol

Oh and I want hair the colour of Victoria’s…its gorgeous.

I seem to be on a Vampire fad at the moment, between True Blood and The Vampire Dairies and Twilight, their everywhere you look. This decades biggest trend. Imagine if they were real and came out like True Blood…wouldn’t that make life interesting. And if they were made Vampires when they were school age would they have to go to school? okay I have random thoughts sometimes…well most of the time but you have to think of these things right? or not….ok burbling now….must be time to go.

Have a good afternoon one and all.


V xxx




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