I’m starting to recover. I have been going up and down like a yoyo for the last 10 days but now I am starting to feel a lot better, though I went into the mall today and by the time we got home I was wiped out! and we were only gone just over three hours which means we were in the mall for barely more than two hours.

But all this down time has given me a chance to do some research in new techniques and gather more ideas if not do any actual scrapbooking. my hands have been to sore along with the rest of me.

Have you heard of Silly Bandz?silly%20bandz%20cars[1] they are all the rage in America at the moment and have made their way over here. I found some on trademe a few weeks ago and as soon as I saw them I automatically went into scrapbooker mode. I can see a few different ways to use them on a layout or an otp project. So this afternoon I used one as a mask and glimmer misted it, and it looked kind of cool. So if I can keep them out of Katie’s hands lol, shes already taken a liking to the glow in the dark ones lol, i might be able to get a lot of uses out of them. they come in so many different shapes.

anyways dinner time. I’ll be back lol


V xxx


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