Dont tell Dad I have stolen his laptop again lol…well actually he knows and will want it back shortly. Just thought I would say hi while I had it.

I was going to throw in the towel with the Stars in their Eyes comp over at Scrappin Patch because of the lack of pc but I think I will do the layout anyway and steal dads laptop to unload it. I’m sure he wont mind ….to bad if he does lol.

I thought I would give the Kiwiana comp at Scrapbook Outlet a go as well, keeps me busy

Katie goes in to have her tonsils and anoedias out on Thursday, I am more nervous than she is, I dont think she really understands whats going on. She has had her presurgery check and given the go ahead so all going well she will cruise though the surgery.

so I have been bored silly without my laptop, I use it constantly and its not right bein without it. so fingers crossed I will have a new one by next week.

anyway better go do some housework. have a good day all


V xxx


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