Stars in their eyes “10”

Week one is done, no judgement yet but some fantastic entries…wow wish I had half the talent some of these ladies have shown!!! check out the Scrappin Patch Gallery 

this is my entrywk 1 SP Stars 10. I found it really tough to copy some else’s style and its so far from my own. but the first week was the toughest last year too.

In saying that, I really love those handmade flowers, I will so be making more of them even though it hurts my hands like hell for days after.

this week its INGVILD BOLME I soo love her style. I have already have the photo and elements picked out. Just need to go through my PP stash and pick some suitable papers.

I have been going over and over her online galleries and have decided to combine a couple of the layouts that I really love.

Its been a tough few weeks health wise. I cant seem to get over this flair. Tuesday morning I woke up and found my ankle wouldn’t support me and hurt like hell. Its better now but now its my hip, and toes. I just cant win!!!

anyways gotta make madam her after dinner chocolate milk lol

have a good night all


V xxx


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