Things I am loving right now

Stolen from Hannah lol. I just read her’s and thought I would give it a go.


So here’s what I love right now

  1. Nice warm fires
  2. scarves
  3. Heroes season 1
  4. True Blood season 3
  5. my electric blanket
  6. Hot cups of tea
  7. Everything written by Anne McCaffery
  8. making flowers
  9. twinklets diamond dust
  10. Morning cuddles
  11. the heater under my desk
  12. sunlight on frost
  13. flannelette sheets
  14. freshly cleaned rooms
  15. my silhouette sd
  16. Paintshop pro
  17. cheeky smiles from my cheeky daughter
  18. being Nana to Lily-May
  19. web cam conferences with my boys
  20. cuddly lap rugs
  21. Doctor Who

that’s all I can come up with at the moment. I spent a better part of yesterday making flowers using this tutorial

its amazingly easy to do but was pretty hard on my hands which have been pretty bad lately anyways, the joys of winter.

but they really do look like Prima flowers, these are the ones I made yesterday, not the greatest photo but they are so cute.


Anyways I am off to do some housework before I go and pick Katie up from preschool, have a good Monday all


V xxx


One thought on “Things I am loving right now

  1. Hannah says:

    Thanks for playing along! Great list 🙂
    I think it’s nice sometimes to focus on the good, happy, yummy stuff 🙂
    LOVE your flowers, they look fabulous!

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