what’s going on…

What’s going on with me…well I have spent most of the week on the couch again. Just when I think I am top of this dayum RA it gives me a harsh reminder that I do indeed have serious limitations. So its been a bit of a painful week…lots of rest,lots of nausea and lots and lots of painkillers…which leads of course to that all so familiar stoned off my tweed feeling lol…not nice but better than being in untold pain. But on the upside, today I am feeling sorta better…I say sorta because its been an up and down sorta day. Felt ok this morning but deteriorated as the day went on.

I just read this quote on Facebook and had to share…its a classic

“Daughters are like flowers, they fill the world with
beauty, and sometimes attract pests. ~Author Unknown

Good on for scrapbooking I feel.

anyway I am for an early night…tc all


V xxx


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