Babys, dating and other misdemeanours

I went to see my cousin’s new baby on Thursday, man she is tiny. Well compared to our not so wee Lily-May all babes would be tiny but wee Emma Georgia really is tiny, only 5.5lb at birth she’s a wee poppet but omg she has an old face, almost like she’s been here before. Its strange because her grandfather, my Uncle George died shortly after my cousin found out she was expecting and looking at wee Emma, I can see him in her face. To make it even stranger, my cousin was adopted so there is no way Emma can look like her grandfather right? But he is definitely there…a last gift to his youngest daughter perhaps?

I am watching episode 13 season 2 of Doctor Who…again…I don’t know how often I have watched it but it always makes me cry…its sad and sweet and lets face it David Tennant is The Doctor….the best one of all and definitely my dream man!

And talking of dream men….I’m getting a bit of flack from the family lately about getting back into the dating game…its been nearly 6 years since Chris died and apart from briefly dating one guy during my aptly named “mental breakdown” period, I haven’t dated since.

But gawd what a scary thought… nah I don’t think so….besides…I don’t think David Tennant is single, Johnny Depp is married and Darren Hayes and John Barrowman are both gay so looks like the single life for me lol. Isn’t that always the way, the best are taken or gay!

As nice as it would be to meet mr right I just cant see it happening somehow…I meet him once…not sure there is more than one true love in a lifetime.

anyways I think I might have an early night…go snuggle up to a good book since I don’t have a good man lol….Enjoy the rest of the weekend all


V xxx


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