This is interesting

I was just on Stuff and found this article which I find so very interesting. Being a holder of a Mobility card I can completely understand how this man feels. I don’t know how many times I have had trouble getting out of my car because I was unable to get a disable car park thanks to someone parking where they don’t belong. I don’t suffer from as bad a disability as most but I do have trouble getting in and out of my car and need the extra space in a disable car park in order to fully open my door so I can get out.

Its often very difficult for people with specially abilities just to get out of the house so when we are faced with discrimination like this it just makes my blood boil. So next time you go to pull into a disabled car park “just for a moment” think of who you might be stopping from trying to live a normal life.

and on that rant….I am going to bed lol

nite nite


V xxx


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