Home sweet home

We got home from New Plymouth yesterday and man is it good to be home. I forgot just how cold and damp Taranaki can be. The trip home was mildly awful with the plane being delayed in NP so we were nearly an hour late getting into Wellington where it was pouring down, then we had to run from one plane to another only to sit there for almost an hour because the baggage wasn’t loaded. Ever noticed sitting in a plane with wet feet and hair isn’t much fun, especially when your four year old has wet feet too.

But it was worth it to spend time with my son and DIL and the most beautiful little granddaughter in the world!Lily 094 So of course I came home with a camera full of photos of our pretty Lily-May. She’s such a wee angel, a good wee babe, sleeps well, feeds well and doing everything a 10 day old babe should.

She’s so alert for such a young babe, already looking around as soon as she hears her Daddy or Nana. Definitely going to be a Daddy’s girl too, when Jodi went back to work on Friday she cried for him lol.

We spent a lot of time with my niece and her baby girl Keita who is almost one. She lives just around the corner from my son. She even followed me home lol…well actually she’s down here visiting her parents with Keita and her partner. My brother threw his granddaughter a birthday party at Chipmunks today. The kids had a great time, the little ones and the big ones (like my nephews ages 18 ad 26 lol)

anyways I am still tired so I am off to bed. Have a great nite


V xxx


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