Welcome to the world Lily May

I’m a grandmother…OMG!!! Lily May was born on Wednesday 16th June, weighing in at an amazing 10lb 12ounces…I know right??? huge!!!! and only a 4 hour labour and no drugs…how tough is my D.I.L…so proud of her!!!

Katie and I are off to New Plymouth tomorrow to see this latest addition to our family. Watch this space for photos 🙂 I am so excited, just cant wait to get there and start spoiling our wee darling.

Now a question for you…what would you do if you went to a garage sale and IMG_0505_edited-1picked up this for the bargain price of $13? well the first thing I did was empty all the junk out of it and found a fabulous frame filled with heaps of compartments just waiting for me to fill. I just haven’t worked out what I am going to fill them with yet. Any ideas?

Its presently sitting in my scrapbook room waiting for me to find some time and inspiration. its had to wait mainly because was weeks project is thisIMG_3006_edited-1, a book shadow box for Scrappin Patch’s designers choice extra challenge set by Beverley.

I know Julia, we are making one of these next term in your class but I just couldn’t wait! ever since I found the video for this technique on the Cosmo Cricket blog I have wanted to make one so when I was at the book fair at Founders Park last week I looked for a suitable book and while laid up with a RA flare this week I started work on it, not to mention trolled the net for more ideas and inspiration lol. That was between watching movies and drowsing because of the amount of painkillers I was taking. I am pretty much recovered now, least I better be, we have a 6.40am flight tomorrow morning…aaggghhh what was I thinking when I booked that?

Anyways better go make Katie some dinner and finish packing…I didn’t realise how much stuff I have brought for Lily until I started packing it lol. Well she is worth it!!! expect to be inundated with photos in the very near future lol.


V xxxx


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