fighting it

I am still very sad but I am fighting it. Steve is happy and safe in Aussie, I talked to him briefly yesterday, he was too busy with his cousins to talk for long. He had an easy trip over, no drama which was great. He’s a bit of a seasoned travel over the ditch, this being his 3rd trip now so he knew what to expect.

Katie has been a handful today and worn me out. Now she’s sound asleep and I have a massive headach lol. She’s been waking at about 3am the last few nights and climbing into bed with me and chattering on and on, its been taking an hour or more to get her back to sleep. This morning we slept in and were late for preschool. And of course she decided that this morning was a good time to muck about and refuse to listen. Why do they do that? Its guaranteed, if your running late then child will play up…is it written in some handbook for children we don’t know about?

I’m still not a grandmother but it will be any day now…poor d.i.l Tracey has had enough of being preggie and just wants it over…we all know how that feels. She will be a wonderful Mum though, she’s such a loving girl.

anyway I am for an early night tonight, I have such a headache. Tomorrow Scrappin Patch announce the new DT member, can’t wait to see who it is. I see they have some new challenges too….must go have a look before bed.

have a great night everyone.


V xxx


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