I reserve the right…

I reserve the right to be as sad as I feel, I reserve the right to feel like crying if though I dont and I reserve the right to feel empty.

05 29 10 1743Yip thats right….almost empty nest syndrom. Steve left for Australia yesterday morning and the house feels so empty without him. I go past his little space where his Xbox and tv where and its empty, just a tv sitting there on the table, no Xbox…no Steve with headphones on talking to his friends. Its aweful, I hate it…I spent all day yesterday worrying about him making that switch between planes in Auckland, that he would get lost in Sydney airport, his cousins wouldnt be there to pick him up….you know…all the normal Mother stuff.

In my mind I know this is the best move for him. He would never get a decent job here and its not like he isnt going to be safe and happy with my brother and his family. But in my heart, I never ever wanted him to go. If I had my way none of my kids would ever leave home. Selfish right?

Its going to be a lonely place without Steve around, he has been my best friend over the last few years. But if I have done my job right then he will do just fine. And I know my brother will treat him like one of his own, he always has and his cousins where so excited to have him going over there, they have always been really close. So I dont need to worry….but I reserve the right to worry…its all part of the job discription.

On other news, I will be a grandmother any day now, Tracey is due on the 3rd June so its just a matter of time. Katie and I fly up to New Plymouth on the 19th for a week, that will be fun.

I distracted myself yesterday by doing a layout for Scrappin Patch’s shabby chic challenge but Katie just broke my camera so I dont know how I am going to take a photo of it. talk about one of those weekends. I think I will curl into a little ball and wait for it to go away.

hope your weekend is going better


V xxx


One thought on “I reserve the right…

  1. Hannah says:

    HUGS, Vicky … I can’t begin to imagine how hard it is for you to say goodbye to Steve … even though you know things will be good for him over there job-wise, you will miss him for sure. At least it’s not too far (I have friends who are in the UK and their parents find it tough), hopefully he can visit often.

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