Another win!!

I’m on a roll lately lol…I won the recipe challenge at Scrappin Patch last night with this layout. I love a good recipe challenge and this one Annelie set was excellent. She’s a very talented scrapper, one of my very favorites, I love her blog, its always inspiring.05 24 10 1699

I have continued being a bit of a scrapping fiend lately, I did 2 layouts over the last few days, this one and a black and white one for the Scrapbox challenge, that was a lot of fun. It pushed my foundries a bit, it was hard not to add colour. I cant show you the layout but this is the photo I used, I had a play with PSE which I am still getting the hang of. I couldn’t help but highlight the bracelets, Katie is so seldom caught being a girly girl lol. this is the closest we get with this wee tom boy and white Katie

anyway this isn’t get much done, Katie has a cold today so no preschool for her and no scrap class for me. I am hoping to get into town later, if I can leave her with Mum,

I need to take Steve into the bank to get his money changed into Aussie dollars. he is off on Saturday and I am so not looking forward to it. He’s excited but I am going to miss him so much. But I have done my job right, he’s a fantastic young man, mature, intelligent and well adjusted. He has never caused me any problems since he was small, his first 10 month of life was very hard, he had colic and a cry the could (and did) wake the neighbors but once that passed he turned into an amazing boy and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He’s ready to go out on his own, not that he will be really on his own, he will be living with my brother and his family so I won’t ever have to worry about him. He’s as close to his cousins as he is to his own brother, they all grew up together.

anyway its raining again (sigh) so I am going to light the fire, finish my cup of tea and go make some beds!

have a fantastic day


V xxx


One thought on “Another win!!

  1. Jenny says:

    What a great scrapbook. I don’t think the kids today are keeping scrapbooks as we used to do. A facebook scrapbook won’t be the same in thirty years time!

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