Paper Trimmers and other dramas

ask yourself this question…what is the most basic tool every scrapbooker needs? a paper trimmer right? and what is one of the hardest tools to get? a decent paper trimmer….I have spent the last few days trolling websites and Spotlight and Warehouse Stationary looking for a good quality but not overly expensive paper trimmer.

Mine has finally bite the dust…the blade couldn’t be duller and mat more stuffed and I cant get new ones. so my trust Craft Creations paper trimmer has got to go.

Its not just that I cant find a trimmer but the ones I have found I cant find blades for. I don’t want to go down the Fiskars trail again…I had one of those but I cant stand those little blades, no good for arthritic fingers.

So I went to every web site I could think of….and I am trying to decide if I can justify spending nearly $100 at Crafty Tart for a Making Memories trimmer which seems to be the best one I have found so far…with the added advantage of a self sharping blade.

I was in Warehouse stationary today and was going to get a Ledah 3 in 1 trimmer and asked if they had extra blades…oh no sorry we dont stock them try their website…oh yeah I really want to try and order a blade from America or where ever…I cant even find the we

I thought this would be a simple search…no such luck.

Besides that its been an average sort of week…Katie had her B4 School Check…appart from one slightly weaker eye and being over the top 95% in height and weight she is fine, fit and health and doing what your average 4 1/2 year old should be. Like I didnt know that anyway but its good to get it confirmed.

Well wish me luck in the great search for the perfect trimmer lol




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