A little sharing

I figured its been a while since I shared any of my scrapbooking so thought it was about time to share what I have been up to.

04 12 10 1645

this one was a scraplift from the Silhouette blog I really liked the idea of doing a tagged layout. terrible photo though.

05 03 10 1652

this one was inspired by the Basic Grey kit that I brought off Julia a wee while ago. I decided to just use what was in that kit which was heaps by the way. I did add a few things, like the dollie which was glimmer misted and the lace which was also glimmered and some ribbon and stamped images.

05 03 10 1654

ok this is me being to lazy to take it out of the album lol. Katie @ 4. with of course lots of purple and bling.

05 03 10 1655

this was one of those, I’m just fiddling, layouts. but it sort of turned out good.

05 03 10 1656

I did this one for a challenge, cant remember which one lol. I just love the colours though. and the photo.

I have more to share but that will do for now.

I’ve been pretty sick for the last couple of weeks with a severe throat infection which has left me feeling awful. I am still not right but a lot better than I was and able to scrap again which is the main thing lol.

Steve is off to Aussie in the 29th May to live with his uncle and family and find a job. He will be much better off working over there where he will get a decent wage than over here were he will struggle to get any work at all. He left school last week and will spend the next few weeks getting organized. I really dont want him to go but its for the best I suppose. I am going to be a big cry baby when the day comes though.

well better go and do something constructive…tc all


V xxx


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