Easter over

and what a quiet one it was around here. With Mum and Dad in Queenstown there was just me and the kids at home. we went on a picnic at Tahuna on Saturday but Nelson at Easter is crazy…so many people and 2 kids that hate crowds so we avoided town and even Richmond. Didn’t even go to the Mapua show this year, I was feeling a bit off on Sunday, sore throat and headache so 04 04 10_1584after the Easter egg hunt (Katie and I made and decorated some wee baskets on Saturday, she loved it!) I spent a good part of the day on the couch watching Supernatural and drinking tea trying to get rid of the sore throat. It didn’t much work…its still a bit tickly.


Katie spent every night for the last week coughing like crazy!! She’s had a cold for a couple of weeks and has been left with this horrible cough she cant shake of course she wont take cough mixture or even panadol, so I have pulled a little sneak for the last few nights and made her "chocolate and strawberry milk" before she goes to bed, what she doesn’t know is the strawberry flavour is panadol. It seems to be working, shes been asleep since half 7 tonight and didn’t cough to much last night.

well big news, just got a phone call from my brother, my Nephew Matu’s partner just had a baby boy, a few weeks preemie but fine otherwise. the first boy for the new generation of Mullen’s. how cool is that? I am a great aunt for the 4th time!

anyway Mum and Dad just got home so better get going


V xxxx


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