almost free

we got home 2 weeks ago yesterday. it’s pretty good to be home, except for one large thing, that would be my brother (read here: my child intolerant, remote hogging, fridge raiding, veiled insult making, born again maori brother) He house sat for us while we were away and now, 2 weeks later, he is still here. he has just managed to find a house to rent and moves out this weekend (read here a very loud YES!!) and everyone else in the house is breathing a big sigh of relief!

If I have to listen to how important his new job is and how he talked to so and so politician or how the mayor hangs on his every word once more I will scream!!!

We had such a great time in Aussie, I didn’t want to come home, for the first time in 3 years I managed a whole month with minimal amount of meds and barely any pain. I swam nearly everyday and walked a lot and was more relaxed than I have ever been.

The trip home was not much fun, first we ordered a limo to take us to the airport (it cost as much as it would have to catch the train) and ended up with a mini van. then at the airport Mum and Dad where over the baggage limit and ended up at a counter with a guy on his first day who insisted that they were travelling in a party of 10 no matter how much we told him there was 5 of us not 10, we even showed him our tickets but that didn’t convince him! the kids and I cruised through checkin while Mum and Dad had to run all over the airport paying over weight baggage fees and trying to get boarding passes.

then going through customs, the kids and I cruised through (honestly it pays to travel with a small child, people just smile and let you walk through) Mum  and Dad got caught up because of some tools Dad brought back with him. why he didn’t put them in his check through luggage i don’t know.

finally we got that organised then had to do a mad dash to our gate only to find we had another 25 minutes before boarding. not even enough time for any duty-free shopping.

then we got on the plane, only to find it was one of the older style Air New Zealand planes…no leg room, all squashed in like sardines. after flying over Emirates it was a real let down to see this. and the meal was AWEFUL. Emirates had special meals for kids but not so with Air NZ, one over cooked soggy bacon and egg pie and some dry chocolate cake was it. luckily we had taken the time to eat at the airport but still it made me feel ill and poor Katie could barely eat a bite. Never again will I fly Air NZ…Emirates is pure luxury in comparison, it was bliss…hot towels when u board, a lovely gift set for Katie with toys and colouring in books and all sorts, nice meals and great staff. Air NZ staff was rude and ill equipped, I asked for an orange juice and they had run out! seriously! plenty of wine and beer but no orange juice? what was that about.

needless to say that by the time we got home on Wednesday afternoon it was so good to be in our own beds again. though the motel we stayed at on Tuesday night was lovely, if your ever after a nice, clean, basic motel in Christchurch go to 219 Johns Road, its lovely and the staff are so nice and so very helpful.

to top off such a terrible trip I lost my backpack containing my camera, video camera and brand new ipod touch!!! thank god for travel insurance….and luckily i had downloaded all my photos the night before, so I only lost the ones I had taken that day. as for my video camera, well I have the films from most of the trip but now I cant get them on my laptop, no camera.

anyway better go fold the washing. have a great day all


V xxx


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