We’ve been in Aussie for almost a month and I am looking forward to getting home next week and sleeping in my own bed again. We have had a fantastic time, totally relaxing, no timetable, no hassles, just chillin by the pool or going shopping, a little sightseeing and a lot of rain lol. I couldn’t believe it when we had 10 straight days of rainy, overcast days. for Christmas day till this Monday the weather was cool and wet but still liveable. And since we had nothing major to do it didn’t really worry us. got a little stir crazy a few times so we would head for one of the malls or go out for lunch. One day we just jumped in the car and went to Newcastle for fish and chips on the waterfront and did a wee tiki tour around that area. another day we went to the Hunter Valley Gardens for lunch and went to see the mine where my brother works, then just a drive around before picking up one of the nieces from work.

My niece Chanay is a beauty therapist and so Mum and I have been pampered like never before, yesterday I got a lovely facial, my eyebrows waxed and a foot massage…it was bliss! we are having a family photo day on Sunday and she has promised me a total make over before hand lol…talk about spoilt!

I have brought heaps of scrapbook stuff lol. Finally got to the local scrapbook shop Scrappin Diva’s today, saved that for last lol. its a good wee shop, not long opened I don’t think but I got chatting to the lovely lady who owns it and she gave me a card and said if I wanted to order anything to just email her and she would send it over. On the whole I found everyone in the shops around here really friendly and helpful even over xmas when it was crazy!

well better go take Katie for a swim before dinner. she got bitten by some ants yesterday and is all itchy.

Happy New Year everyone


V xxx


One thought on “Australia

  1. Janine says:

    oh wow you have had a blast. I am so envious about the break, but also about the pampering. I am totally about the pampering, your so lucky. Enjoy it though. Sorry to read about the deaths of your loved ones. Not easy at any stage to loose family let alone so close to xmas.

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