Sad times

in less than 3 days we lost two very important people from our family. Uncle Alvin, my dads brother, had a massive aneurysm in his brain which exploded on Wednesday causing a massive stroke and leaving him on life support until he passed away on Wednesday night. That was hard enough but then on Saturday Uncle George final succumbed to the cancer he has been fighting for the last 2 years, passing away in his sleep.

my two very favourite uncles, one for each side of the family, both gone in less than a week. Its almost to much to bear. I still cant get my mind around it. I didn’t got to Uncle Alvin’s tangi, thinking it would be to hard on Katie to travel up to Waikane so close to our trip to Australia. Dad, my sister and two of my brothers went up. But Uncle George’s funeral isn’t until Wednesday and we leave for Australia tomorrow. Aunty Shirl wouldn’t let us postpone our trip till after the funeral but we will be taking the funeral in our hearts.

I keep feeling tears well up whenever I take a moment to catch my breath. Mum and I have been keeping ourselves busy packing and cleaning the house and other senseless occupations so we wont have time to think. It will be a relief to get on the plane tomorrow and spend time with the family in Australia.

So this time tomorrow we will be on the plane on the way to Sydney! after 6 months of planning and organising passports and tickets, motels and rental cars, we are finally going…I just cant wait!

so in case I dont get a chance to blog again before Christmas, everyone have a wonderful and safe holiday!


V xxx


2 thoughts on “Sad times

  1. Hannah says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of your losses, Vicky 😦 How awful to lose 2 uncles in one week, and especially that you were unable to attend the funerals. I’m sure they will know how much you loved and cared about them though, and like you say, you have them in your hearts always.
    I hope you have a really lovely holiday, you deserve a nice relaxing break!

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