Busy Busy Me

Its been one of those weeks, I have been flat out doing…well stuff…finalising things for our trip to Oz next month (only 23 days to go!) Booking motels in Christchurch for the return trip, and finding a place to leave the car (we decided to drive down after working out it was going to cost over $600 for the 5 of us to fly from Nelson to Christchurch, nearly the same amount it cost to fly to Oz) Booked the hotel in Sydney for the night we arrive (No pool!, bugga) and making sure all was in place here for while we are away, paper cancelled, postie told, and brother staying to look after the animals…he better be nice to my cat lol.

So scarily enough we are all (fingers crossed) organised (touch wood) except I still have to organise travel insurance and my meds. That’s next weeks mission.

I just cant wait to go, I have been showing Katie the video we took last time we went over, when I was preggie with her, it has our trip to the Reptile Park maitlands (28)and hanging out with these people. this photo was taken last time we were there, how young were the kids then. Katie wouldn’t believe it was Steve in the video because back then he barely came up to my shoulder lol, now I barely come up to his!

She’s so excited too, telling everyone at preschool she is going on a big plane to see her Uncle Shame lol. and her Totty, which is Tori (the one in the black top) she has called him Totty since she was tiny and he stayed with us, she was only just over a year old then and still remembers him. He made an impression lol.

Besides the planning and organising I have been busy making a special Christmas pressie for Shane and Tray. I will share photos at a later date, dont want to ruin the surprise but for once something came out exactly to plan…dont you just love it when that happens?

anyway, dinner wont cook its self, Mum is up in Wellington with Uncle George who is very very sick. She wanted to see him before we went just in case, if you know what I mean. He’s 84 and has terminal cancer so it doesnt look good.

anyway I better run


V xx


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