Been Lazy

I have been as a lazy blogger as I have been a scrapbooker lately. I have done very little of both. There just isn’t much to write about. I have been very quiet and not a 100% well, though I have been ignoring the fact for the last few weeks but today its sort of caught up on me so I am couched up feeling like throwing up or sleeping, or both! not a good day and Mum and Dad are due home tomorrow and I wanted to get organised today…not going to happen but my home help lady has just been so at least the house is tidy. And if I rest today I will feel better tomorrow right? well that’s the theory anyway.

I have done a couple of layouts for the SBO Christmas Challenge which has been great, I enjoyed going back in time for the first one though it was hard to find a photo.week 1 (yes that’s me, sitting on the ground, all of 15 years old!

I took these photos at the beginning of Spring, I just love taking photos of these two, they are both so cute! (don’t tell Steve I said that, its not cool to be cute at 17 lol)

11 06 09_0302
















this weeks should be fun, making Christmas decorations! I love making Christmas decorations!!!

I have finished all the mini books for the neices and nephews and decided to do a clock for my brother and s.i.l which I ordered from trademe, it hasn’t arrived yet but I have a few ideas already.

but right now, I am going to have a rest and try and concentrate on getting better.

be good


V xx


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