Exciting News!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to be a grandmother!!!!! how exciting is that? Tracey is due in June and I couldn’t be happier though it was not planned and they are so young, no younger than I was when I had Jodi I suppose.

And of course my darling son is in a real panic, he now has to get a better job RIGHT NOW! lol, he’s been happy being a baker but it doesn’t pay that well and he wants only the best for his family. he’s so sweet and so excited but also scared. I am so glad that he feels he can call me and talk when he needs to. And they have just brought a laptop with a web cam so now we talk on web cam a couple of times a week as well.

but most importantly I am going to be a NAN!!! And I get to spoil this wee person rotten lol….cant wait.

anyway right now I am still a Mum and this Mum has to take her wee Auntie-to-be to bed lol.

Good Night all


V xx


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