A Healing?

I had a rather strange appointment with my GP today. He is trained in trauma healing, teaching people how to deal when they have gone through a trauma in their lives like I have. After being so depressed for a while now I decided it was time to seek help so last week I went to see him and he made another appointment for me to see him today for some more in-depth help. it was all a bit bizarre in the fact we didn’t really talk about what happen and 5 minutes after walking into his office we both walked out and went down the road to grab a coffee!!! Never done that before. I suppose it was a way to make me relax and I suppose it worked. It wasn’t easy not so much reliving but reviewing my life before, during and after what happened (which I wont go into) but I think it has helped. Time will tell. But now I am exhausted!!!

I spent the better part of this afternoon playing with my silhouette, i just love it! I finished making the embellies for the Scrap the Girls fairytale swap and made a few bits a bobs for the fun of it. I have been making things for Katie’s room, her wardrobe door is now covered with birds and unicorns and allsorts lol

hope everyone has a good night, I am off to play farm town on facebook lol

night night all


V xx


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