It’s No Use Crying

No use crying over spilt glitter! Katie, my sweet, darling, daughter decided to start the day with a spot of scrapbooking. And because I am so very clever, I left my 3 favourite colours of Doddlebug sugar coating glitter on the table last night. I now have one new colour and 3 jars of it!

I didnt know whether to laugh or cry until Katie used the big eyes and the cute wee "I sowwie Mummy" then I just had to laugh, especial with her sweet wee face all covered with glitter shinning in the light. It will be weeks before I have got all the glitter off the floor, chair and table but it could have been worse, my laptop was sitting open right next to the glitter….just imagine what she could have done.

10 16 09_0238

10 16 09_0239









on another note, you may have noticed my rather erratic posting of late. I have been rather erratic with everything of late. I went to the doctor for a routine check up yesterday and ended up in tears, seems I am more than a little depressed, hence the lack of motivation for anything. So he has given me something to help me sleep and next week he is going to help me with some coping mechanises. Hopefully that will help because I really don’t need any more drugs than I already have to take.

Anyway now I am off to wash the floor and try and get rid of more of this glitter. Hope its not raining where you are, it is here…again

take care


V xx


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