A couple of things to share

I have to share this wee video I took of Katie last night. she was trying to avoid going to bed by hiding under it. She can be so cute! I might note that it took another hour before she was in bed asleep lol.

the other thing is for all those that have Quickutz Silhouettes or Cricut’s this will be very handy and save you a lot of money on cutting mats.

I found a website that shows you how to make cutting mats for your electronic cutter, at the Quilling Patch there is an excellent tutorial on how to do it. Since I don’t really like using spray adhesive and it is kind of hard to get repositionable spray on adhesive  in my part of the country anyway, I found some glue at Spotlight that does the trick fantastically, its called Craft Smart Off “N On Glue and its so easy to use. I use a foam brush and simply brush it over the mat, leave it to dry for about 10 minutes and the mat is all sticky again. I am still looking for somewhere to get thin enough plastic sheets from so I can make a couple of mats so if anyone knows where I can get some please let me know.

I also used a thicker sheet of plastic, off an old clear file folder, and made a sticky mat that I use to hold small bits that I have cut using the Silhouette when I want to put glue on them or don’t want to use them straight away but don’t want to lose all the little bits. Its so handy!

give it a go and let me know how you get on. Now I have a mini book and a layout to finish so have a great weekend all. Hope the sun is shining at your place, it is here…but its still cold! Thanks for stopping by


V xx


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