Sir Howard

So I am sitting here watching Good Morning and its all about Sir Howard Morrison, wow ok I am behind the times I didn’t even know he had passed. Such a lovely man and did so much for New Zealand. He will be missed. and he had such a lovely smile. My parents, as teenagers, use to go to parties with him when he was just starting out. So sad he’s gone.

Daylight savings has started again, cant work out why its a month early but it has upset my routine as it always does, but on the upside, Katie has slept in 2 mornings in a row.

so if with daylight savings comes summer why is it raining? I am over this spring rain. and I have to go out in it today, I have jobs to do in town, school holidays, the mall and rain, a mix I really don’t like!!! and while I am out today I have to get Katie some washable markers, she used one of my slick writers to colour in this morning, while sitting on my bed, on my white duvet cover and pillow. do I need to describe the result? I like purple, I really do, but not scribbled over my favourite bed set. I was half asleep at the time so didn’t really realise what she was doing until it was to late. Definitely need washable markers, shes made on colouring and drawing and there is no stopping her drawing anywhere and everywhere, so might as well do it with something I can wash away afterwards.

So I am loving my new Silhouette SD, I have spent the weekend collecting new cut files and playing. It is amazing, I can cut anything and some very funky files are out there. I am still working on how to make some manish embellishments, Jodi has been helping. He’s always been an artist and has come up with some great ideas. Its so good having him home.

When I haven’t been playing we have been out and about showing Tracey all around Nelson. Its been fun. and on Saturday Katie and I went to Chipmunks to my cousins wee girls birthday party. it was fun, I have never been there before and Katie had a ball. She was one tired wee girl by the time we got home, after a quick trip to the beach to show Tracey. Just as well I got Katie some shorts and a tshirt before we went to the beach, I would have hated her purple fairy dress she wore to the party to get all wet and sandy. of course she had to play in the waves lol.

anyway time I was moving. things to do before I brave town. have a good and hopefully dry day where you are


V xx


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