celebrate with me…this is going to be a good week!!! This afternoon I am off over to Picton to pick up Jodi and his girlfriend, they are coming down for 2 weeks!!! YAY!!! Haven’t seen my baby boy since he moved back up north almost 18 months ago so needless to say I am a little excited.

And another positive this week, my Silhouette will be arriving early this week, its on the way as we speak. might even be here when I get back tomorrow. we are staying the night in Blenheim at my brothers. Steve isn’t coming over with me, he will be home alone, he has exams and I am a bit nervous about leaving him during a school week but he is 17 and more than capable of looking after himself.

so now before I go I just want to share this fab photo I took on Saturday of Katie and Steve, its my favourite this year I think09 19 09_0030. I make beautiful babies l

But now, its off to finish the housework, throw some stuff in a bag and pick up Katie from preschool before we hit the road. I love long drives!!!!

have a fantastic day


V xx


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