Nice Boy

such a lovely son I have, I just told him Katie was driving me to drink and I might have to crack open the bottle of wine that my brother brought me for my 40th and have a glass. And what does he say? One glass will put you on your ear Mum, don’t worry I will put a blanket over you when you pass out!!! how lovely is he??? NOT at all!!! Ok so I don’t drink and one glass may make me a little happy…but did he have to be so mean??? lol.

Still tired, always so tired. But I did manage to secure a Silhouette SD today. Yah! Michelle who was selling the one on trademe last night left me a comment on here today. She has more coming from America in a couple of weeks and has offered me one. YAY how cool is that?

I managed some ME time this morning, Katie was at preschool so instead of doing the housework like I should have done, I scrapbooked. And I loved every moment. I am way overdue for some guilt free ME time…I dont get it while Mum and Dad are away and I seriously need it.

so this is what I created, for the Scrappin Patch sketch challenge. I got to use a heap of felt, and one of my feltieslayout 005 And I won a prize for last weeks with Sketchbook  with this layout, it was chosen by draw but still made me feel good!

layout spring it on 002

so all round, a pretty good day. And I topped it off with a yummy dinner of pork chops, one of my favourite, and a bowl of jelly tip ice cream, another favourite. It has even put a smile on miss grumpy girls face lol.

anyway off to wash off the icecream and put madam to bed and then watch Extreme Makeover home edition. This program is just amazing.

have a wonderful night all


V xx


2 thoughts on “Nice Boy

  1. Hannah says:

    LOL, at least he was nurturing enough to say he would cover you up with a blanket!! 😉
    Congratulations on your win, although it was a random draw your win was also very well-deserved – your layout is gorgeous!

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