Its gone

Well the first step has been taken, I sold my Cricut and its packed up and gone to live up north. So now I just need to find a replacement, I am still tossing up between the Silhouette or the Wishblade. There’s a Silhouette on trademe at the moment that I have my eye on. It closes tonight so will see how that goes. I also have the lovely ladies at Scrappin Patch on the look out for me, and have emailed the man at Hastings Rubber Stamps about the Wishblade. I have definitely done my research. The Silhouette has the advantage of being able to take an SD card and electronic feed but the Wishblade can take any pen and is cheaper.

Of course it all depends on which one I can get hold of easiest and how soon. I don’t want to be without a cutter to long, I still have another project to get done before our trip. Not to mention I have a big empty gap in my scrapbook room, not that it wont get filled with junk pretty quick lol.

anyway, its Sunday morning, I have been up since about 7am and I feel tired already. I have been so tired lately, I was in bed at 8.30 last night and woke up still feeling tired. I don’t know what’s wrong with me at the moment, I have no energy at all. I have to force myself to get moving. Right now I am still in my PJ’s and have barely moved all morning. If this keeps up I might have to go visit the Doctor again. A couple of weeks ago I was full of energy, but now I am just tired.

well this isn’t getting anything done. Enjoy your Sunday everyone, hope the sun is shining at your place.


V xx


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