Playing tourist

On Thursday, since it was mid-term break and a nice day, We played tourists in our own town. I loaded up the kids, the camera and a couple of warm tops just in case and we went into town (Nelson) and climbed these stepssept 002, not a major right? well considering less than 6 weeks ago I was on crutches and could barely walk I am proud to say that it took me less then 5 minutes to reach the top, Yay me! It felt so good too.

It was a really fun afternoon, we walked around taking photos and playing hide and seek with Katie in the gardens and just relaxing in the sunshine. it was really lovely, the flowers are starting to bloom and its been many mansept 031y years since I have been up to the Cathedral, we took some great photos, I really love this one of Katie and Steve playing hide and seek around a tree, I don’t know who was having the most fun lol. Steve is so good with Katie and truly adores her almost as much as she adores him.

After our trip up the steps and through the gardens we went for a bit of a walk around town but Katie had worn her wee legs out so we headed back to the car and made a quick trip to the warehouse before heading home. It was a good afternoon.

Katie is pining for her grandparents now, they have been gone for over a week and last night she was sobbing her wee heart out wanting her Nanny. Poor baby, its hard to explain to her how long they will be away, 3 months is forever in a wee girls life. All I can do is cuddle her and promise that she can talk to Nanny next time she rings and try and distract her. Last night she ended up sleeping with me because she was so upset. I am so glad that they have decided to make this whitebait season their last one. They are selling their batch down in Haast and staying home next year.

anyway its almost 10am and the housework wont do itself, unfortunately. oh need to share my latest creations. Steve gave me some time out yesterday to do a bit of scrapbooking, isnt he just the best 17 year old ever???layouts 002 The first is for

layouts 004











the first Sketchbook Spring it on challenge and the second for the Scrappin Patch recipe challenge. I used a template from Scrapbooking Etc website, first time I have ever tried using one and I really love the effect, even if it took a bit of time to get the photos position.

anyways enjoy your weekend, hope its sunny at your place


V xx


One thought on “Playing tourist

  1. Hannah says:

    Sounds like a really fun day, and that’s awesome that you were able to walk up the steps. We have photos taken on those steps when we WERE tourists in your home town 🙂 Great place.

    Love the layouts as well, they look awesome! Great to see your entry for our Spring it On competition 🙂

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