A Rak and A Bargain

walking 016_edited-1Monday afternoon Katie and I walked down to meet Steve from the bus, enjoying the break in the rain and the spring sun such as it was. we were nearly there when we were stopped by a lady backing out her driveway. She stopped and asked me if Katie would like a stuffed toy she was holding. She had just won it but didn’t want it so gave it to Katie. How kind was that? talk about a very random act of kindness. And this funky wee bumble bee has become a favourite already! She even took it to preschool yesterday and the teacher tells me she didn’t let it go the whole time she was there lol. She flies it around the house and the bee “collects honey” from everyone and from everything lol

We really enjoyed our walk, we left the car in the car park about half a km from the bus stop and got caught in the rain on the way back (and Steve moaned the whole way lol) but it was great to get out into the fresh air just because it was there. Mental note to self…Go and pick up Steve more often.

Yesterday while Katie was at preschool I went into town and of course had to go to Spotlight were I got a real bargain. They had these bags of all sorts for $10. In it was a Xyron tape runner (the big ones that are worth about $20) a set of Heidi Grace stamps, lots of photo corners, a set of Bella brads, some scrapbook PP, beads, some wool stuff that I have no idea what to do with and some other little bits and pieces. How amazing is that, what a bargain, and stupid me only picked up one bag, I should of got several of them, They had a few of these random bags full of end of the line type things. Really amazing bargains so go check out your local Spotlight and see if they have them, very worth the trip.

After my trip to Spotlight I did something I never get much of a chance to do and wandered around town and window shopped. It was fun just to look in all the windows and see all the new spring colours. I did buy myself a new shirt and a pretty cardigan from Millers. But I wasn’t actually in shopping mode.

Then I got back to my car and it wouldn’t start. I only had 20 minutes before I had to pick up Katie so needless to say I went into a wee panic. I rang AA, it only took them 15 minutes from the time I rung until a lovely man was there. It was only a lose battery terminal that took him all of two minutes to fix. I blame Dad, he fitted a new battery for me a couple of weeks ago and didn’t fit the terminals properly lol. So I was only 10 minutes late picking up Katie and I had rung them so it wasn’t a major.

By the time we did the grocery shopping and got home it was pouring down of course, unloading the car in the rain is so much fun, NOT! lol

anyway that was the beginning of my week, I better get the housework done because I want to do a bit of scrapping today. Steve is home with a bit of a cold, I think he just couldn’t be bothered going to school, I think he is a bit sick of school but he is still going back for year 13 next year. and I have the snuffles so its going to be a quiet day I think. I cant be bothered doing anything but I want to make a start on the Sketchbook Spring it on challenge and the Scrappin Patch recipe challenge

anyways enjoy the 2nd day of spring


V xx

P.S the auction for my Cricut Expression on trademe closes tomorrow so if you are interested my trademe name is vicky12.


One thought on “A Rak and A Bargain

  1. Hannah says:

    Sounds like you got a great bargain at Spotlight! My closest store is a good 35 min away and they often don’t have the stuff other people find, so it probably wouldn’t be worth a trip for me unless I was already going in there for something else 😉
    Glad there was nothing major wrong with the car and that AA came so quickly 🙂

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