Its official

We are going to Australia on the 15th December!!!!! Yah, got Katie’s passport yesterday and booked the tickets this morning. It will be a long trip, we dont get back until the 12th Jan. Nearly a month of lazing by my brothers pool and spending some fun family time. Can’t wait!!!!

And I only have one project to go for nephew, done all the others for nieces and nephew. Once I started it was kind of hard to stop lol. But I have taken a few days off while I wait for some stuff from trademe and clean up the mess in my scraproom. Plus Mum and Dad left yesterday so I dont have as much time as they normally watch Katie for me if I am scrapbooking. And Katie is still a bit upset that two of her favourite people aren’t home. She gets a bit grumpy when she hasnt got Gandad to play with and Nan to cuddle.

But she will be fine and hopefully I will squeeze in a bit of me time over the weekend.

I took a major step yesterday, I listed my Cricut Expression on Trademe so I can buy a Wishblade or Silhouette. I just decided I could get a lot more use out of something I could control using my computer as I am a total geek. So if you are after a Cricut go and buy mine lol. I will post if needed.

And talking of geeks, my wee darling daughter is rapidly becoming one.  She keeps stealing my laptop to play on the Playhouse Disney website. She has got very good at playing the games and navigating the site. She sometimes goes to the Bo on the Go website but thats the only places she goes which is good. though she did manage to delete my entire inbox the other day!! I have since managed to lock her out of there.

Seriously thinking of rebuilding one of my old desktop computers for her. She is very clever and if it will help her learn. I have two old computers that I could rebuild into one good one for her.

Spoilt? My daughter? well yea just a little lol.

time I got moving and finished the housework.

have a great day all


V xx


2 thoughts on “Its official

  1. Hannah says:

    Wow, that will be a wonderful holiday … a whole month! Awesome.

    It’s great that you could rebuild a computer for Katie, I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that! But isn’t it just amazing how quickly kids can get to grips with technology, soon they will be running rings around their parents!

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