Bitter Sweet

august 001My daffodils have started to bloom, I planted about 50 in pots as a memorial. I love daffodils  but whenever they bloom its bittersweet for me. The first flower Chris ever gave me was a daffodil the day we met, on Daffodil Day 2002 and the last flower he ever gave me was the same, the day before he died exactly 2 years later. Even though its been 5 years I still find this last week of August the hardest of the year. Its something I don’t share with my family, I don’t think they fully understand and for the boys, well they haven’t forgotten but they don’t need to be reminded how quickly our life turned from wonderful to tragedy. Chris may not of been their Dad but he was pretty close to it. It’s so strange how 2 short years can change your entire life.

Any way this year I refuse to get depressed, I will pull out the first scrapbook I ever made, dedicated to all the happy times we packed into those two years and I will smile at all Chris’s crazy antics, he was known for being totally spontaneous and slightly crazy lol and so much fun. I always try to remember him that way.

on other news. Mum and Dad went to Haast yesterday, and came home about an hour later lol. They had a slight mishap that could have been really bad. They lost a wheel on the boat trailer and sheared all the bolts off the hub. They were so lucky they weren’t in a serious accident. Luckily they were only about 10 Km’s from home and could call AA to pick up the boat and trailer. So now they wont be leaving until tomorrow.

So besides that little bit of excitement all is quiet around here. I still have a cold, its settled into a nice body shaking cough now and Katie is mostly recovered though she is still pale and got a runny nose so I have kept her home from preschool until she fully recovers.

I am really happy to report that I have completed 2 of the 4 secret projects I have been working on for nieces and nephews for xmas. the girls ones are finished and I have made a good start on one of the boys ones. The boys ones will be a bit harder but definitely more flexible as I am using a 6×6 format for them instead of a ready made ummm project (those who scrapbook will get an idea of what I mean) I wonder if I can lock nieces and nephews out of my blog so I can show you the projects, I am so please on how they came out. But I don’t know how to do that, so I will just have to share after Christmas.

anyway madam wants more toast.

have a good day all


V xx


2 thoughts on “Bitter Sweet

  1. Hannah says:

    Big ((hugs)) Vicky, thinking of you lots at this difficult time. May the wonderful memories you have be a comfort to you. I hope you feel better soon from your cold, too.

  2. Janine says:

    No matter how long it is whether its three months or 10 years, it still hard not to feel sad. So enjoy looking through those albums and re living those happier moments and memories.

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