would you?

I thought I would get organised early and get Katie some togs to take to Aussie, well summer does look like its coming early and this is a girl that will start swimming as soon as its warm enough.

so on to trademe I went, as you do, and since by the end of summer she was squeezing into her very cute Hello Kitty tankini like this one, I thought perhaps a size 8 might  be necessary to get the whole summer out of it. Yes I know, she’s not even 4 yet but she is very big for her age and is in a size 6/7 in everything else. So take a look at what I have found, now I am not pointing fingers at traders or anything, this trader is not the only one to have this sort of thing, but I so would not put my daughter in this, not even if she was 8, in fact she would be pushing it if she was 15.

I know my brother would never allow his almost 15 year old daughter to wear it. And this sort of teeny wenny bikini seems to be the norm!!! no Disney princesses or hello kitty for those over size 7 it seems. Luckily there are some more respectable ones, the same trader who has the brown bikini had this cute green one,much more appropriate …I am just shocked that anyone would think of putting their innocent wee girls in something like the brown one…am I a prude? OMG I hope not!!!! I would just rather see little girls stay that way for as long as they can.

And that’s my wee rant for a Saturday morning…now I have a cold so I am off for a sneeze and a tissue lol…ohhh and a hot cuppa.


V xx


One thought on “would you?

  1. Hannah says:

    I agree with you, that brown bikini is NOT suitable for a little girl. I think the sexualisation of young girls is disgusting, and it hardly teaches them the appropriate things they should be learning. All it does is encourage them to grow up far too quickly, and of course doesn’t help with the body image thing either.
    Little girls should be little for as long as they can!

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