Creating Mojo

I have sort of lost my mojo lately, I have the ideas but when it comes to actually doing the project I cant get stuck in.

Katie has been sick again the last few days, she has a bit of croup and another ear infection as well as one very impressive cold. Poor wee lady, she has spent the last few nights in my bed…of course that means I don’t sleep well and feel like I have been hit by a small bus all day.

I have about 5 or 6 projects on the go at the moment, nearly finished nieces projects. Then on to the nephew projects, that is going to be harder, definitely more challenging to do adult males projects, there isn’t a lot out there in the way of embellishments and pp for the 20’s age group. How weird is that, its all baby boys or older men, not a lot in between. Will have to think outside the box for these ones.

And now I have a great idea for a book for Katie to record our Aussie trip in, starting with her passport photos which we got taken the other day. and including photos of everyone we are going to visit and some of the animals we might see and that sort of thing as well as space for photos and bits and pieces from our trip.

So yes the ideas are there, I just need to get to work, when the mojo comes back from its holiday lol.

wish me luck


V xx


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