silhouette vs cricut

I could do with some advice ladies. I have had my cricut expression for a while now but the cost of cartridges has put me off it a bit. Has anyone got a silhouette? I am thinking of selling my cricut and buying a silhouette but I want to hear from others that use one before I take that step.

How hard are they to use? is it very hard to get consumables, mats and blades? what’s your thoughts on them? I would really love to hear any feedback at all but particularly if you have used both, which one do you prefer?

I have been doing some reading and what appeals to me most is the versatility of the silhouette, I have thousands of fonts and it would be good to be able to just cut what I like instead of being limited to what is on the cartridges.

avatar_3021searching for your thoughts please ladies and gentlemen 






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10 thoughts on “silhouette vs cricut

  1. Lalaten says:

    I have tried both of the machines and I prefer QZ. The reason for is they are releasing over 20 images every week now and it is only 1.99 per imagine. Now if you get the SD you get an unlimited download card that you can take advantage of. You get six months free and only pay 89.00 for the next total six months. I think that is cheaper than one cartridge. Also if you are great on digital imaging and photo shop, OMG the images are endless. You can create your own, download them and cut them out.

    The downfall it is still a standard letter size opening so no 12×12. They said down the line they are making one but they said that for a year and they still haven’t release a real machine. Also it is loud when it cuts.

    Other than the opening size you can increase and decrease all imagines to any size. QZ stands behind their product and if anything goes wrong they will replace it.

    The machine will cut only paper and vinyl which is anther down fall. But the images you can download are so cute. Ohhhh also I know how you can get Hello Kitty imagines but you need to do some things. Wait wasn’t that exclusive to circuit. There are things you can do with this machine.

    In conclusion, go for QZ.

  2. Nikki says:

    I bought a Silhouette SD about 6 weeks ago from teh States via Ebay (I am in NZ) and I love it. Easy to use – plug and play. Still getting teh hang of it properly but it has lifted my cardmaking skills no end! Previously only had a cuttlebug so I have noticed a huge difference. There are heaps of QZ desgins to choose from. My machine arrived with $25 of free downloads which I haven’t used up yet. I have manipulated some designs to suit specific projects but would like to be able to manipulate them more. I will have to learn more about using PhotoShop, etc in order to make best use of my own designs. Overall, love it and have recommnded it to all who will listen!

  3. Nichole says:

    I have both the Cricut and the Silhouette. I like both machines. The Cricut is fun and easy. You don’t need to be hooked up to the computer to get a simple shape off the cartridges to print. Most people, however, are going to buy the Design Studio software and hook it up to the computer anyway. It gives them more variety over the cuts. The deep cut blade is nice for cutting thicker materials! Cartridges can run anywhere from $30-80. Which stinks if you just need 1 image!

    The Silhouette is unlimited in terms of designs and fonts. There are dozens of sites that have FREE file downloads. Any TrueType font or Dingbat can be cut. I find the software much easier to use. Especially, if you like a mat around your words. It only takes seconds to do. The cutting size is however only 7 3/4 in wide. But up to 39 in long. Great for banner sizes

    Both machines can cut fabric, and the basic papers. You need to determine which fits your crafting needs more: cutting thicker material and at a wider width or narrow width with easy access to designs.

    I got my QK refurbished from eBay. It works wonderfully! and it came with lots of extras.

  4. Amanda zoss says:

    I have the Silhouette and love it! I also own adobe illustrator so I am able to make my own designs to cut out which is awesome. and no additional cost other then the vinyl and paper of course. I am a graphic designer too so it has also helped me to mock up projects! It’s great fun!

  5. Jennifer Hansen says:

    I LOVE my Silhouette. I have cut everything and only replaced the blade $8, once in over a year. I had a Cricut, but gave it to a friend. It irritated me how much they wanted for a program to use with my computer and how much each cartridge was. I use my photoshop program and make my own designs and I have so many free fonts and dingbats to use and the designs they make for you to use are cheap and easy to use. It is a great machine for the cost!

  6. Diane says:

    I have a cricut and I love it! I have the expression so it cuts up to 12″ x24″. I also have the Sure Cuts a Log and Make the Cut software which lets me cut any true type font, dingbats, any image I can in adobe or other programs. I am currently looking at comparisons of the cricut and the silhouette, and it sounds that with the software, which is about $50, they are the same, or I guess rather the cricut has more possibilities since it cuts larger and thicker items. If you haven’t purchased one yet, I hope this helps! 🙂

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