bookey bookey stories

(Bookey pronounced Boo Key and translates to Spooky) Katie is right now running around with a torch and turning off ever light in the house and telling us we have to tell bookie bookie stowies…lol She is at such a fun age. Today Mum brought her a chocolate fish on the way back from town and of course I made my normal comment about chocolate fish not being able to swim and she tells me we have to take it back to the ocean and teach it to swim (of wim in her language) then she said we could take it back inside her tummy and proceeded to scoff it with even offering me a bite  lol.

Uh-oh flat batteries, now we have to go to the battery shop apparently. Wonder if she will believe me that the battery shop is closed?

It was a beautiful spring like day today, it was great to get out and do things, even if it was only a drive into Richmond and lunch at BK lol. it was something to do. Not warm enough for the beach yet and Katie and I went to the park yesterday. Dad wanted to go to some auction he read about in the paper but he couldn’t remember where it was lol, old age…happens to the best of us.

Jodi sent me some photos of him and his girlfriend the other day. He has changed so much and grown up heaps. Its not fair. I miss him, but they will be down on the 22nd September…YAY.

well time to put bookie bookie story girl to bed and maybe get a bit more done on my secret project (cant say what….might be certain nieces or nephews watching lol)

hugz V xxx



One thought on “bookey bookey stories

  1. Debra says:

    I love your blog and will definitely be back. I linked here thorugh a search on making a pin board for my daughters room. i didn’t get to see yours as it says the picture is no longer available. could I see it pretty please. I am looking for inspiration and you seem to have lots of that…..
    Thank you!!

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