Sassafrass ROCKS!

Guess what!!! I won the felties that I love so much from Sassafrass Lass, how cool is that? Feeling so lucky about now 🙂 🙂 🙂

after the weekend we have had its nice to have some good happen. We have been struck by dreaded lurgy!!! thanks to Katie, she must have brought it home from preschool, she came down with it on Wednesday afternoon, she was fine in the morning then all of a sudden she was complaining of a sore tummy and then vomiting, in the food court at Richmond Mall of all places. Poor wee girl. Of course something like that spreads like wild fire, so we all ended up with it in some form or another.

Mum and Dad went away on Thursday to see friends in the Sounds and took it with them lol…Mum had it and now Dad has got it but Katie has had it the worst and is still recovering, it really knocked her around. She is still pale and tired, poor wee girl. She has a hard winter this year health wise. Oh well spring isnt far away. then it will be spring cold time lol. Just cant win can we?

well I can lol….I won felties…YAY ME….still excited about that.

through all the illness over the weekend I did manage to get one layout completed, for the multi photo comp at Scrappin Patch it was due on the 31st so I had to get it completed since it was half done anyway and I hate leaving things half done. it was very simple but effective I think, not sure….you tell me

july 006











well that’s my news….I can hear Katie arguing with her Grandad, their favourite hobby, so they both must be feeling more like themselves lol. And I better go help Mum with dinner.

oh before I go, I am starting to do my planning for our Aussie trip and want tips for travelling with preschoolers, Katie will turn 4 while we are there so I need ideas. Has anyone been to NSW with their preschooler? what did they do to keep them busy while travelling, what sort of activities did they enjoy….you know…anything that worked for you while travelling either by plane or car as we will be doing a bit of both. Any helpful websites would be appreciated too. If there is one thing I do know about travelling with small fries, planning is essential.

have a happy new week everyone


orlando Blend


3 thoughts on “Sassafrass ROCKS!

  1. Monique says:

    Wow, huge congrats on winning all those felties!!!!!!! They are so cute that even if you don’t use them on your pages you just have to have them (guess I just have to buy them then…)!!!!!
    Have fun!

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