More early spring cleaning and some Sass

Feeling good right now…Steve and I spent a good part of the morning sorting Katie’s mountain of toys and eliminating over half of them. away went the rubbish and the broken or missing bits. Anything to good to throw will go on trademe or to the Sallies. I am stick of having so many toys hanging around and she doesn’t play with most of them. And it feels good to purge, I’ve been doing a lot of it lately and I am really enjoying it.

Has anyone else been reading the Sassfras Lass blog lately? they have the yummiest new lines coming out for CHA at the end of the month. OMG I want it all.  The felties are my favourite particularly the monsters…for some reason they remind me of Katie at the moment lol…she’s going through the terrible 3’s which I really think is a lot worse than the terrible 2’s lol.

this too will pass! every mothers lament!

There are so many new collections to drool over and Sassfras are having a blog draw during CHA though I doubt it will include international bloggers, those sort of things never do. But I entered anyway…you never know.

Well better move, got to take Steve out to my cousins to babysit her kid tonight. takes nearly an hour to get to her place.

have a great night all…..ohhhh while I was cleaning up my office I found this disc with a pile of my old sig tags I made years ago….so I will share a few with you over a few blogs.




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